The Island

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The Island

Take me back half a decade
to the streets of Sydney
and autumn sun on the leaves
of Centennial Park
with Colin Meloy in my ears
telling me it’ll be alright
in that love hate drawl
while I love hate the girl
that forced me there alone
to walk the streets of Sydney
to run the rings of Centennial Park
not thinking about her
lying to myself that this step
that this synth
or this beat
will bring her back or force her out
for good.
Take me forward half a decade
to the same song
still sending me in circles
on the back streets of London
down her leafy lanes
and maybe the days are getting longer
but Colin is telling me
it’ll be alright
about a different girl now
who broke a different heart
on different streets with different words.
The island in the middle of these cities
my quiet place to walk
my quiet walk
all braggadocio and heel
half a decade of hearts
played on half a decade of heart strings
loosing half a decade of birds
into these hemispheric skies.

And I will not go home again,
wearing thin my souls
Colin in my earbuds
spurring me on.
The island in the waves
walking streets of city seas.

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