Where the Line Breaks

Where the Line Breaks Radio Interview – RTRFM

Back in April last year (2021) I was lucky enough to chat to Danae Gibson on RTRFM all about my book Where the Line Breaks. We had a wonderful chat all about the initial ideas for the novel, how the writing process took shape, and what it is like being stuck in London when you're… Continue reading Where the Line Breaks Radio Interview – RTRFM

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The Path to Publication: Digger VE/6136

With Where the Line Breaks out in a few days, I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at some of real life inspirations behind the novel, and some of the early drafts and poems I wrote that never made it into the book. Where the Line Breaks tells the story of The Unknown… Continue reading The Path to Publication: Digger VE/6136

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The Path to Publication: The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)

Over the next few months, before Where the Line Breaks is published, I thought it might be interesting to look at the inspiration and the ideas that led me to write the novel. Where the Line Breaks tells the story of The Unknown Digger, a hugely popular but anonymous soldier poet of the First World… Continue reading The Path to Publication: The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)


The Brothers Rose

My short story 'The Brothers Rose' was published by Every Day Fiction on July 14 2015. You can read it at http://www.everydayfiction.com/the-brothers-rose-by-michael-burrows/ Some of the comments the story received were: 'I don't know where I went, but I like how I got there.'- Dustin Adams 'This is fascinating, striking and very unusual.'- Derek McMillan 'I find… Continue reading The Brothers Rose


Anzac Day 2020

With Anzac Day services a little different this year (instead of heading to the Australian War Memorial in Hyde Park corner by night bus at three in the morning for the dawn ceremony, we woke up and listened to the Last Post in our lounge room while urban foxes walked down the empty street in… Continue reading Anzac Day 2020



Pup I knew you through photos your tiny pup head/ a sock around your tiny pup chest/ a bowl of food and your tiny pup butt/ redearthrunning itchyfeetsgrr catchtheballmate butimonlytiny andinthefarkin spinifex I watched you through photos getting tiny pup sick/ your hair in bald patches throwing tiny pup up/ and a tiny pup grave… Continue reading Pup



I have thought about trivialising this paring its bass notes down to a simplified list or hiding behind cheap laughs, faced with impossible tasks I have been known to panic left with only my poor excuses. Unwilling to accept that I am unable to do justice. What words would work to describe a half-dream to… Continue reading Untitled


I Tell Myself

Every day I must I tell myself. Write and whether it's the hell of holes or the height of sophistication I will honour my family debt. Turn my thoughts to desert life and make believe dogs or war dogs coming out with gross approximations of the real stuff. Punktual as opposed to spunktual or should that… Continue reading I Tell Myself



When the right thing to say just isn't quite right, say it wrong. Available to purchase at redbubble.com/Wittischisms


And Tonight My Heart

  I can't get my head around kissing you this morning and tonight my heart beating ten hours on a plane away   Lying here awake and the emptiness in my chest fluttering a hummingbird looking for a home And even with my eyes closed the pupils have pins in them Searching you out