My short story 'Love-You-Lots' was published by Litro US as part of their #FridayFlash series on Friday 19th February 2021. Litro is a literary and creative arts platform that champions emerging writers from around the world, in print and online. You can read the story by clicking here.

Where the Line Breaks Introduction Video

If you're curious as to what my upcoming debut novel Where the Line Breaks is all about, here's a short video where I discuss the main plot, made for the Books+Publishing newsletter about four new Fremantle Press authors. Books+Publishing is Australia’s number-one source of news about the book industry, keeping subscribers up to date with the … Continue reading Where the Line Breaks Introduction Video

The Path to Publication: The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)

Over the next few months, before Where the Line Breaks is published, I thought it might be interesting to look at the inspiration and the ideas that led me to write the novel. Where the Line Breaks tells the story of The Unknown Digger, a hugely popular but anonymous soldier poet of the First World … Continue reading The Path to Publication: The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)


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