Where the Line Breaks has been reviewed in a number of Australian literary magazines and websites. It has been wonderful to see people really connect with the book and enjoy the different storylines.

This page is updated with new reviews regularly. Click the pictures to read the full reviews.

“A beautiful debut worthy of its 2019 Fogarty Literary Award shortlisting, Burrows handles the content delicately and with skill.” – Writing WA

“Shortlisted for the Fogarty Literary Award and picked up for publication by Fremantle Press, Where the Line Breaks is an utterly absorbing novel by debut author Michael Burrows.” – ANZ LitLovers Litblog
“it’s emotive, powerful and gripping, the triple narrative offering different perspectives on such a well-documented period in history and an alternative view on the idealism of heroes, war and love” – Westerly
Where the Line Breaks is a beautiful, ambitious novel, and while it takes a big risk stylistically, the disparate parts of the book are handled with great skill. The result is an instant classic, and a perfect read for those interested in World War One.” – The AU Review
“Michael Burrows’s Where the Line Breaks is an impressive debut that will have readers sifting through the stories that they hold dear in their own lives, interrogating them for gaps and distortions where something might have come loose, slipped away, vanished – or never existed at all.” – Antithesis Journal

“This novel is a thoughtful and lively take on the limitations of scholarship and on the unknowable nature of the past.” – Sydney Morning Herald
“the war story, the thesis, and the footnotes become a compelling interwoven story of heroes and anti-heroes.” – The POST Newspaper
“Vividly rendered historical fiction, an intriguing literary mystery and a number of tangled romances come together in Where the Line Breaks, the intelligent and emotionally engaging debut novel by Michael Burrows.” – The West Australian

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