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Let’s see if I remember this correctly
it was all so long ago
We were naked
I can’t forget that
the shape of your neck
and the smell of us
I want to remember afternoon twilight dusk
but maybe I’m making that up
in my rose tinted glasses
We would lie there
under the covers
sexhausted, I’d say, and grin my grin
Was it Coldplay on the speakers?
Does that recollection make you squirm?
Don’t, love, we were young
and stupid in our ways
We would lie there
the breeze cooling sweat on your chest
making you cold
Shivering we would plan lifetimes
I said words
and look at me now
You weren’t sure where you would end up
I’m not sure if you know now
I wouldn’t know
I remember though
lost in our futures
We would lie there
I would joke that we could stay there forever
I would joke
I still do
I think I remember this correctly
the smiles
wasted afternoons
heavy breathing
Correct me if I am wrong
I am young and stupid still
and dream of words
I wouldn’t change any of it
what’s past is past is past
ripe for picking
Let’s see if I remember this correctly
We were naked
entwined on your bed
in the afternoon light of our happiness
I kissed your earlobe
soft, as I am wont to do
You whispered it
for me and only me
and held me tighter
There was only us
and only us
and only us.

I don’t remember it correctly
but I prefer my version of events
and always have
and pulled the sheets around us
alone in our white world
lost to memory
ours to keep
and only ours.

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