They Called It Love


They Called It Love

I get the feeling
you think I invented
to frustrate you
as an excuse for my actions
for the sake of a story
(I make things up
it’s my job
but this is unmakeupable.
They called it love, love
not me.

Your pupils dilating
at the sight of me
our beats skipping in anticipation
of meeting lipshandsmindseyes
the fire
that burns us
the smile that grows in the corner of your mouth
through all your anger.
I’m not making this up.

And love,
let me be the first to say
I am so very sorry
for making your heart soar
may I apologise profusely
for being the first thing on your mind
each morning
I hope you will forgive me
for setting the sun brighter
the light lighter
the heights higher
I will spend forever
making up for it
this terrible thing I did to you
that they call love.

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