Jeeves and Hysteria


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Jeeves and Hysteria

“Doctor, Doctor, you have to help me out.”
“Certainly, which way did you come in?”

for the longest time I thought myself Jeevesian-
at the beck and call of every pretty little thing with a pulse
butler to her stars
righter of wrongs
unflappable, omnipresent, imperturbable
Put upon
Put upon
Put upon
coming through in a pinch.
and yet
and but
often I find myself Bertieing with the best of them,
finding my ideas considered eccentric
seeing life through the monocled eyes of a fool
what is quirky
old boy
about love?
I say dash it all and enjoy it
and yet
and but
now I find woosters abundantly common
jeeveses I wade through in rush hour crowds
mayhaps I’ve stepped back from literary characters
I’m the someone outside
writing it down
watching, thinking, weighed down by my brows

catching butterflies in silk nets
lies caged on blank pages
leaving me thinking how
these are exactly the sorts of thoughts
my heart
would house.

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