Where the Line Breaks

Where the Line Breaks Radio Interview – ABC Radio

Back in April 2021 I was lucky enough to chat to Roanna Edwards on the Saturday Breakfast Radio Show at ABC Radio in Perth all about my novel Where the Line Breaks. For some reason I never wrote about it or shared the link to listen, although my family insists I sounded alright despite the… Continue reading Where the Line Breaks Radio Interview – ABC Radio


The Brothers Rose

My short story 'The Brothers Rose' was published by Every Day Fiction on July 14 2015. You can read it at http://www.everydayfiction.com/the-brothers-rose-by-michael-burrows/ Some of the comments the story received were: 'I don't know where I went, but I like how I got there.'- Dustin Adams 'This is fascinating, striking and very unusual.'- Derek McMillan 'I find… Continue reading The Brothers Rose



When the right thing to say just isn't quite right, say it wrong. Available to purchase at redbubble.com/Wittischisms



Ghosts Tonight: Look, running towards me comes Maddy and all her though I am repeating myself nightmare hair. But when she passes she is Notmaddy I am blind at a distance but capable of great insights. There’s something of her unbearable ballerina footfalls jogging ghosts dancing in my skull. And there at the bus stop… Continue reading Ghosts


Poetic Justice

My short story Poetic Justice was published in Volume One, Issue One of Trove, the creative writing magazine from the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. Poetic Justice would go on to win the Editors Choice award for best piece in the inaugural issue of Trove magazine. In April 2011, Poetic Justice was also nominated… Continue reading Poetic Justice