Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics I invented time travel lying in bed with you hours skipping by like naughty children sticky fingers trailing in the past. Every liquid minute that washes our resting bodies; a lazy eon spent watching you smiling tomorrow's smiles. Astray in history drowning in the future's scent our shooting star flight burning bedsheet cosmos,… Continue reading Quantum Mechanics


The Eponymous

The Eponymous she is a pole dancer spinning me round burning to touch touching the ground she is a livewire sparking to fire ending in ashes turning a smile she is a phoenix rising again hitting the deck right to the chin she is a lantern guiding me forth match to a flame port in… Continue reading The Eponymous


Poetic Justice

My short story Poetic Justice was published in Volume One, Issue One of Trove, the creative writing magazine from the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. Poetic Justice would go on to win the Editors Choice award for best piece in the inaugural issue of Trove magazine. In April 2011, Poetic Justice was also nominated… Continue reading Poetic Justice