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The Path to Publication: The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)

Over the next few months, before Where the Line Breaks is published, I thought it might be interesting to look at the inspiration and the ideas that led me to write the novel. Where the Line Breaks tells the story of The Unknown Digger, a hugely popular but anonymous soldier poet of the First World… Continue reading The Path to Publication: The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)


Digger VE/6136

Digger VE/6136 ‘E’s an ‘andsome bloke, is ol’ mate Luke, wiv ‘is peelin’ sunburnt nose, ‘e’s six-foot-two, frum Humpty Doo, an’ farmin’s all ‘e knows– but when the call fer arms went round, the cobber showed ‘is colours, an’ now ‘e’s ‘ere on forrin ground, wiv ‘is fellow bushwhacked brothers. ‘E’s ‘andy with a bayonet,… Continue reading Digger VE/6136


The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)

The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke) If I should cark it, think only this of me That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is terra Australis. There shall be In that red earth a mate of yours concealed; A bloke Australia bore, shaped, made aware, Gave, once, her sand to scorch, her bush… Continue reading The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)