Cirrus Dancing

Cirrus Dancing Start with the corners. The half minutes. The awkward bumps. Blue for the sky, and white lace breezing from walls like poetry waxed smooth. Here, the puzzled pieces of your ankle braille under baked digits. Pull this apart, deconstruct, an eventime light lifting your eyes- line scanners, them and words words pulling back down filling… Continue reading Cirrus Dancing


The Island

The Island Take me back half a decade to the streets of Sydney and autumn sun on the leaves of Centennial Park with Colin Meloy in my ears telling me it'll be alright in that love hate drawl while I love hate the girl that forced me there alone to walk the streets of Sydney… Continue reading The Island



  Untitled You are jumping to conclusions I am falling into line You are driving fast at answers I am leaning on you hard We are terrified of freezing, To stop swimming is to drown So the muscles keep on pummelling The skin into the ground- You are worried you're replaceable I'm scared that you are… Continue reading Untitled

Poetry, Video


Rememories Let’s see if I remember this correctly it was all so long ago We were naked I can’t forget that the shape of your neck and the smell of us I want to remember afternoon twilight dusk but maybe I’m making that up in my rose tinted glasses We would lie there under the… Continue reading Rememories