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Where the Line Breaks Trailer

Check out this classic, propaganda-film style trailer I made for Where the Line Breaks, pieced together using snippets of actual footage of the Australian army in the Middle East during the Great War. Inspired by newsreel footage and recruitment adverts from the period, with voiceover work by the author himself, the trailer brings together two… Continue reading Where the Line Breaks Trailer

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Aussie Reviews Guest Blog

I recently had the pleasure of writing a guest blog for the fine folks at Aussie Reviews. I chose to write about the real life poets who inspired the creation of the Unknown Digger in my novel Where the Line Breaks. When I started researching Australian war poets for my book, I quickly realised I… Continue reading Aussie Reviews Guest Blog

Where the Line Breaks

Q&A with goodReading Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of answering some questions all about my novel Where the Line Breaks for Good Reading Magazine, the magazine for book lovers. We spoke about writing the novel in London, who or what the Unknown Digger is, the similarities and differences between my life and the life of Matt Denton (one… Continue reading Q&A with goodReading Magazine

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Letters from the Writing Trenches: The Western Front

Anzac Day Ceremony at Polygon Wood, 2013 April is a very special month to be published in, because not only does my book feature the exploits of the original Anzacs themselves, those brave men who left Australia and New Zealand to fight on the beaches at Gallipoli and on into the Eastern and Western Fronts… Continue reading Letters from the Writing Trenches: The Western Front

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The Path to Publication: Book Birthday!

Where the Line Breaks is out in Australia and New Zealand, and I am officially a published author, which is a wonderful sentence to be able to write. It's something I've dreamt of since I wrote my first Batman poem in primary school, and the time I rewrote a Biggles story by changing all the… Continue reading The Path to Publication: Book Birthday!



My short story 'Love-You-Lots' was published by Litro US as part of their #FridayFlash series on Friday 19th February 2021. Litro is a literary and creative arts platform that champions emerging writers from around the world, in print and online. You can read the story by clicking here.


I Tell Myself

Every day I must I tell myself. Write and whether it's the hell of holes or the height of sophistication I will honour my family debt. Turn my thoughts to desert life and make believe dogs or war dogs coming out with gross approximations of the real stuff. Punktual as opposed to spunktual or should that… Continue reading I Tell Myself