Anzac Day 2020

With Anzac Day services a little different this year (instead of heading to the Australian War Memorial in Hyde Park corner by night bus at three in the morning for the dawn ceremony, we woke up and listened to the Last Post in our lounge room while urban foxes walked down the empty street in… Continue reading Anzac Day 2020


The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)

The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke) If I should cark it, think only this of me That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is terra Australis. There shall be In that red earth a mate of yours concealed; A bloke Australia bore, shaped, made aware, Gave, once, her sand to scorch, her bush… Continue reading The Digger (Apologies to Rupert Brooke)



My short story, whose title I like to shorten to Kate, was entered into and won the Brian Dibble Super Short Story Competition for the best super short story of 50 words or less, including title. It was published in dotdotdash Magazine. The winning entry is reprinted below: How She Lost Her Passion for Russian… Continue reading Kate