Where the Line Breaks

Where the Line Breaks Radio Interview – RTRFM

Back in April last year (2021) I was lucky enough to chat to Danae Gibson on RTRFM all about my book Where the Line Breaks. We had a wonderful chat all about the initial ideas for the novel, how the writing process took shape, and what it is like being stuck in London when you're… Continue reading Where the Line Breaks Radio Interview – RTRFM


Digger VE/6136

Digger VE/6136 ‘E’s an ‘andsome bloke, is ol’ mate Luke, wiv ‘is peelin’ sunburnt nose, ‘e’s six-foot-two, frum Humpty Doo, an’ farmin’s all ‘e knows– but when the call fer arms went round, the cobber showed ‘is colours, an’ now ‘e’s ‘ere on forrin ground, wiv ‘is fellow bushwhacked brothers. ‘E’s ‘andy with a bayonet,… Continue reading Digger VE/6136