I Tell Myself

Every day I must I tell myself. Write and whether it's the hell of holes or the height of sophistication I will honour my family debt. Turn my thoughts to desert life and make believe dogs or war dogs coming out with gross approximations of the real stuff. Punktual as opposed to spunktual or should that… Continue reading I Tell Myself


And Tonight My Heart

  I can't get my head around kissing you this morning and tonight my heart beating ten hours on a plane away   Lying here awake and the emptiness in my chest fluttering a hummingbird looking for a home And even with my eyes closed the pupils have pins in them Searching you out

Poetry, Unmasked

Unmasked- Part I

The Dark Night Falls In which we are introduced to our hero, take a left to the chin, rethink the floor plan of our evil lair and plan a lunar picnic. She can fly, you know, if she wants to,she could zock you on the chin,she could punch right through three feet of steel if it should come to it. She could… Continue reading Unmasked- Part I