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Aussie Reviews Guest Blog

I recently had the pleasure of writing a guest blog for the fine folks at Aussie Reviews. I chose to write about the real life poets who inspired the creation of the Unknown Digger in my novel Where the Line Breaks.

When I started researching Australian war poets for my book, I quickly realised I would have to invent my own poet if I wanted to have the freedom to tell the story I had in mind. That doesn’t mean that my Unknown Digger wasn’t inspired by real life Australian war poets – in fact, I wouldn’t have been able to write the book without the works of two men in particular.

Leon Gellert – ‘the only Australian poet whose work can be compared with that of the leading soldier-poets of the World War’.

The two biggest real life influences on my novel were Leon Gellert, and C. J. Dennis. Read the full blog at or by clicking here, to find out more about these remarkable men, and a few others who helped along the way.

C. J. Dennis – ‘the laureate of the larrikin’.

Have a read of the blog, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to read a few lines of Australian or New Zealand war poetry yourself this Anzac Day.

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