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The Path to Publication: Book Birthday!

Where the Line Breaks is out in Australia and New Zealand, and I am officially a published author, which is a wonderful sentence to be able to write. It’s something I’ve dreamt of since I wrote my first Batman poem in primary school, and the time I rewrote a Biggles story by changing all the characters names to the names of me and my friends.

I’ve been sent so many beautiful photos of the book out in the world: in peoples hands, on the beach, on bookshelves, in bookstacks and among friends, and even heard back from people who have been enjoying the book so far (it’s only been out for a few days, so there are some fast readers out there!).

Publication Day itself was made extra special for me by my partner Kate (follow her own path to publication with her debut novel The Skeleton House at her website by clicking here), who decorated our small London flat with balloons in the colours of my beautiful cover and arranged champagne and cupcakes also featuring my book cover (my book tastes delicious!). She also created a musical playlist made up of vintage WWI tunes mixed with the songs that were hits in London during the last decade, just like the two storylines in my book!

And to top it all off, she hand painted my book cover on a big congratulatory poster – there is nothing my woman cannot do! So thank you, to everyone who has bought my book and shared photos with me, to everyone who has shared my publication joy, and especially to my fiancee and incredible partner in crime and art, Kate.

Where the Line Breaks is out now!

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