Poetry, Unmasked

Unmasked- Part III


After The Golden Age

In which we skip straight to the comics anyway, discover a new level of disdain for the tabloids, encounter a threat, and realise that it’s not every dream in which we can fly.

On Monday, all hell breaks loose.
The Morning Herald runs with
'Dream Girl Sleeps With the Enemy'
The Daily Tribune tries
'City Wakes to Dream Girl's Betrayal'
The Star devotes five pages
under the headline-
'The Dream is Over: Hero to Zero'
The Pulse loses readers
with it's tacky
'Wet Dream Fails to Excite'
Dream Girl holds a press conference.
On Tuesday, the magazines get involved.
Celebrity Watch features an exclusive
'Interview With the Butler: It's Not My Dream Job'
FAMEous has photos:
'Dream Girl's Nightmare Weight Gain'
Inside Word tries sensationalism
and succeeds.
'Dream Girl? Or Dream Robot? The Explosive New Findings Will Shock You!'
Hot Chic is self explanatory.
'Superhero Sex Tips: Astro Girl's Moves Will Send Him to the Stars!'
Dream Girl turns off her mobile.
On Wednesday, the memes begin.
yawn.com uploads the
Dream Girl DUBSTEP
followed by the
Dream Girl AUTOTUNE.
isthisthingon.com takes that photo of Dream Girl
the one time her cape was unironed
and adds captions.
Dream Girl Fails At Ironing
Should Have Stayed In Teh Kitchen.
reveals the sex tape.
Dream Girl foils a bank robbery, and sighs.
On Thursday, the movie rights are sold.
Living the Dream: The Miss Mercury Story
the telemovie
is the harrowing journey
from ordinary woman to Dream Girl
from national treasure to disgrace.
Starring Kim Kardashian
as Dream Girl
Directed by Ryan Murphy (Glee, 'Eat, Pray, Love').
Based on a true story.
Dream Girl needs a holiday.
On Friday,
in his lair deep in the bowels of Studio Seven,
Baron Media chuckles.
Baron Media takes to twitter
to say how much he loves
'Dirty Dream'
the controversial new Dream Girl biography.
Baron Media strokes his beard
and practises his evil laugh.
She's upset and tired.
She wants the noise to stop.
She hops on her Vincent and drives until the city is far behind her.
Until it's just her and the night sprinting by on all sides.
Dream Girl has forgotten what it's like to lose.

Originally published 2011.
Artwork by Tim Burrows @ www.timmyb.com
Artwork by Rebecca Jackson.

In 2011 I gathered a group of artist friends from around Perth and asked for their help in illustrating my 5-part superhero poem Unmasked.

Originally, Unmasked was to be published as part of a series of zines by a small Perth literary magazine. Unfortunately, that magazine fell apart before our hard work got to see the light of day. I had a few copies printed and gave them to family and friends, but the full project was never fully realised.

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